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Chiropodist - Podiatrist

Podiatrist in Bedford

Looking for a Chiropodist - Podiatrist in Bedford but cannot get an appointment?

The Foot Clinic in Northampton has been tasked with taking over the task of treating the people who are struggling to get an appointment.

We have seen a large proportion of people from outside Northampton unable to get treatment during the lock-down and have stepped up to help you.

We offer a full range of treatments from just nail cutting, corns and callus to surgery for ingrowing nails together with Laser Treatments for verrucas, warts and fungal nails. No need to pay £1000's for Laser treatment at The Foot Clinic you only pay for your appointment.

--- Laser is FREE---

We are only 30 minutes away?

Specialists in the Removal of Ingrowing Nails.

The Foot Clinic. 34 Billing Road. Northampton. NN1 5DQ

Tel 01604 422772